Choo Choo – Children’s Railroad Story by Virginia Lee Burton (Virginia Demetrios) is the about adventures of a beautiful little locomotive who decided to run away from her humdrum duties. The book is written in rhythmic prose. The Illustrations by the author are in black and white, except for the inside covers.

Choo Choo – Children’s Railroad Story is the story of a beautiful little locomotive all black and shiny. She pulls trains from the city to the country, and back again, in a very proper and dutiful and wholly humdrum manner. At least she does till one surprising day when she suddenly says to herself: ‘I am tired of pulling all those heavy coaches. I could go much faster and easier by myself; then all the people would stop, and look at me, just me. They would say: “What a fast-little engine! What a beautiful little engine! Just watch her go by herself!” ‘
So, Choo Choo does go by herself, and the story of how she runs away and of her exciting adventures makes one of the most captivating books imaginable.
Choo Choo – Children’s Railroad Story was originally copyrighted in 1937 by the author Virginia Lee Burton (Demetrios) and the copyright was renewed by her children Aristides Demetrios and Michael Demetrios in 1964. The book is dedicated to Aris.

Burton said her first published book, Choo Choo (1935) reflected strategy she learned from reactions to her first book, which was not published:
“… When I finally got the unpublished manuscript back and read it to Aris, age 3 ½, he went to sleep before I could even finish it. That taught me a lesson. From then on, I worked with and for my audience, my own children. I would tell them the story over and over, watching their reaction and adjusting to their interest or lack of interest … the same with the drawings. Children are very frank critics.”

The illustrations in Choo Choo – Children’s Railroad Story are worth the price of this 1964 version of original printing. Your children will enjoy this story. This was a library book. The cover has some tape, the name and bar code on the cover.

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