Train is part of the DK Eyewitness Books series. This book, the first American edition is a wonderful book for young readers that want to know about the origin, history and development of locomotives and railroads. The book is full explanations accompanied with color and black and white pictures of locomotives, signals stations, electric interurbans and all manor of items related to railroads.
Train is divided into 28 chapters plus and index. The first three chapters of the book explain what a train is, the first railroads and the dawn of the steam age. The fourth chapter explains how a steam locomotive works. Using a cross section locomotive and tender, the book explains how steam is created and how it is harnessed to move the wheels. The next 5 chapters explain the spread of railroads and then the building of the American railroad including making the tracks.
Chapter 11 and 12 of Train explain freight trains and difference between passenger train classes. There are whole chapters on signal towers and railroad signals and signs. How electric and diesel locomotives work are also covered by this book.
You can learn about Royal trains and trains that have broken speed records. What are items you will find in a train station, is covered by another chapter. The book also covers railroad that run underground (subways) and trains that run above ground (monorails). If you are interested in model railroading there is a chapter on how the modeling of railroad originated. The last chapter discusses the future of railroading and the new developments in railroading.
This book touches a great many aspects of railroading. Train is an overview of railroading. The young reader will come away with a history of railroading, how locomotives work, how railroads are built, and an understanding of the distinct types of trains and locomotive power. Train is a great introduction to railroading for a young reader.

The table of contents page has a small tear that is taped.

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