The Road of Service – Dispatch 4 Perspectives on the North Shore Line is about the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad Line that ran from Chicago, IL to Milwaukee, WI. This publication, that is edited by Norman Carlson, brings together a collection of diverse recollections by Shore Line members and people of different backgrounds. These people rode and/or lived along the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad. They explain the influence the North Shore Line had on our and their lives and why. 50 years after its January 1963 abandonment, the railroad still fascinates many people.
The Road of Service Dispatch 4 Perspectives on the North Shore Line includes an impressive collection of color photographs. Most of these photographs have not been previously published. There is an extensive then-and-now section of the railroad between Waukegan and Milwaukee comparing May 30, 1962 with May 30, 2012 in chapter 9 of the book. There are recollections in pictures and narrative of the evening rush hour at Briergate and Ed Tobin’s the streetcar service in Waukegan. Mike Seiberlich, takes us back to hanging around the Kenosha station in Chapter 10.
The Road of Service – Dispatch 4 also includes a dining car article by Dick George, as well as maps of the system. There are photos of the last day of operation, complete with the names of the crew members and the numbers of the cars on the trains.
The Shore Line Interurban Historical Society that published The Road of Service – Dispatch 4, is a non-profit organization that publishes a quarterly magazine and dispatches about urban, suburban and interurban passenger rail service in the Chicago Hub region. For more information on this organization or to join visit their website at The mission of the Shore Line Interurban Historical Society is to preserve the history of urban, suburban, and interurban passenger railroads in the upper Midwest.

If you want to know more about the grow of railroad passenger transportation in Chicago, you will want to add The Road of Service – Dispatch 4 your history book collection. The Shore Line Interurban Historical Society has published 8 other Dispatches about Chicago Railroading. They are for sale on this website.

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