Every Hour on the Hour is a chronicle of the Washington Baltimore & Annapolis Electric Railroad.  The book starts with a short history of the predecessor steam railroad and goes into the growth of the suburbs and the need for transportation for work and recreation.  The book goes into the story of how and why the W B & A converted their electrical system from AC to DC and the issues involved.

Every Hour on the Hour follows the history of the Washington Baltimore & Annapolis electric railroad from its inception as a steam railroad to its demise.  Along the way there were mergers, electrification, a fight for entrance into Washington D. C. and their entrance into additional transit with buses.  The railroad served Camp Meade during the start of World War I.  The Washington Baltimore & Annapolis also serviced the naval academy at Annapolis.  The W B & A was one of the first electric interurbans to have automatic block signaling.

Every Hour on the Hour has a chapter on the freight motors that serviced the less than carload traffic and express service along the line.  Freight houses along the right of way were used to service the less than carload and express freight packages.  Carload freight traffic was started 17 years after the railroad started, but it was never produced any major revenue.

The publisher of Every Hour on the Hour about th the Central Electric Railfan’s Association (CERA) was formed 1938.   The CERA encourages the study of the history, equipment, and operations of urban, suburban, interurban and main line electric railways.  This book is the 130th “Bulletin” published by the organization.  A number of those publications are available on this site.  Meetings are also held monthly by the organization in Chicago, IL.  More information about the CERA is available at

The book tells the story of the Washington Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Interurban with over 250 illustrations, 15 maps and scale drawings, timetables and railroad car rosters.  You will want to add Every Hour on the Hour to your books on railroading collection.

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