High Iron – A Book About Trains was written in 1938. The book was written during a time when diesel engines were relegated to switching. So, this book is mostly about steam engines. The exceptions are the Rock Island Rockets and the City of Denver. The book contains close to one hundred and fifty black and white photographs. Many of the main line and some of the lesser railroads are represented by words and pictures.

High Iron – A Book About Trains, as mentioned in the introduction, makes no pretentions of being a history of railroading in America. Instead is an attempt to gather together a number of photographs that have some historically or would interest railroad amateurs and enthusiasts.

The author of High Iron – A Book About Trains traveled far and wide throughout the United States gathering information and collecting and taking photographs that attracted his attention as a railroad enthusiast. The first chapter is about the pioneers of railroading the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific. You will love the author’s observations and historical content in the book about the two railroads.

Chapter 2 of High Iron – A Book About Trains is entitled Speed. The author talks about the record runs and steam and diesel engines that made them. Chapter 3 is about pulling Power. There is some explanation of how manufactures and railroad continued to improve steam engines to pull heavier and heavier loads. The author talks about the different wheel configurations of steam engines with accompanying photographs. The photographs of all the different engines and railroads are worth the price of the book.

Chapter 4 “DeLuxe” of High Iron – A Book About Trains contains photographs of the Deluxe passenger trains. The last part of the book contains car heralds, devices and insignias of the principal railroads of North America. There is also a glossary of railroad terms, slang and usage.

High Iron – A Book About Trains is a wonderful book with over 150 photographs of steam and a few diesel engines that were used through 1938. The photographs, insignias and railroad terms make this book a must purchase for your collection.

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