The History of the Union Pacific is a story of the growth of a railroad that parallels the growth of the United States. Before the creation of the transcontinental railroad, people traveled by Saratoga wagon across the “Great American Desert”.  The trip took months and was very dangerous.  The Union Pacific build the eastern part of the transcontinental railroad that met in Promontory, Utah and was officially opened with the “Golden Spike”.   As a result of the linking of the Union Pacific and the Central Pacific at Promontory, Utah, a person could now travel between the coasts in a matter of weeks.

The History of the Union Pacific is about the growth of the railroad through the years since its inception with the passing of the Pacific Railroad Act of 1862.  The book relates the history of how the Union Pacific was organized and built.  The chapters in the book are organized chronologically.  There are chapters explaining the influence of the different moguls and financiers on the building and growth of the Union Pacific.

The History of the Union Pacific has wonderful black and white photographs of the building of the Union Pacific to Promontory, Utah after the Civil War.  There are photographs of the elaborate passenger cars that the presidents of the Union Pacific traveled on to inspect their railroad.  There is a map that shows the railroad under Edward Harriman.  That chapter talks about the influence he had on the expansion of the Union Pacific.  There are chapters about the railroad between the World Wars, during World War II.  After that war, the Union Pacific bought or merged with a number railroad to create the Union Pacific Railroad we know today.

The History of the Union Pacific is full of black and white and color photographs and maps.  These trace the progress of the railroad over the years.  If you are a fan of the Union Pacific or railroading in general, you will love this book.

A tear was repaired on the dust cover of this copy of the History of the Union Pacific.  There is a slight color defect on the back hardcover.

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