Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express is part of the mystery series of Lego City books.  When a famous actress loses her award statue on the LEGO Express, it is up to Mr. Clue to solve this action-packed and hilarious mystery-adventure!

Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express is beautifully illustrated by Sean Wang and Trey King (author) weaves a Mystery on the Lego Express” using Lego® characters, structures and trains and track.  Mr. Clue can’t get a break!  As soon as the detective steps on to the express train for his vacation, a famous actress asks for his help to find a thief.  Will he be able to solve the mystery, or is his vacation doomed from the start?

Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express allows your child to use and improve his skills on many different levels.  Obviously, his reading and imagination skills are heightened by the story itself.  In addition, he can act out the story and many others in the Lego City series, with the purchase of the train, track, characters and structures.  The assembly of the Lego® toys will help his reading (instructions) and his hand/eye coordination will be helped by the assembly of the characters, structures, trains and track.  All the Lego® toys are sold separately.

Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express is based on characters created by Lego’s interlocking block system.  The Lego group started producing inter-locking blocks in 1949.  The name Lego® comes from leg godt which translates to play well. In 1954, Godtfred, (son of the founder Ole Kirk Christiansen) saw the potential of toys system.  It took five years to perfect the materials and the interlocking system.  In 1979 the company started producing figures.

The trains in Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express can be purchased separately.  The trains come with no power, battery power or a 9V transformer power.  The characters and structures can also be purchased separately.

Your child will enjoy reading Lego City – Mystery on the Lego Express.  With the purchase of trains, characters and structures, your child will be able to bring this story and others in the series to life.

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Weight .2813 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × .125 in
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