Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V1 covers the Pre-World War II production through 1942 and history of the Lionel Corporation.  The book starts out with a history of Joshua Lionel Cowen and the development of his company.   The history starts on a second-story loft in New York City in 1900.

The Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V1 is divided all the major areas of production of equipment by Lionel Corporation.  The book is filled with color and black and white pictures and explanations of the equipment produced before World War II.

The first part of Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V1 explains the development of the early (1915) and the later (1924) O gauge tinplate electric engines and their features.  The success of the Hudson engines in the mid-1930s convinced the company that the trend was toward more realistic looking engines and rolling equipment.  This led to the production and sale of whole sets of passenger and freight trains.  They made large and small sets of Steamers and Streamliners.

Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V1 discusses the purchase and transition of the Ives Corporation lineup of electric trains.  The evolution of the freight cars from tinplate to scale model is discussed in another chapter.  There are explanations of the transition from hook couplers to scale couplers on the equipment.

Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V1 is filled with pictures of the products Lionel produced between 1915 and 1942.  At the end of the book is a complete list of the engines, passenger car, freight cars, accessories and clockwork trains (wind-up) and the years they were produced.

To see everything that is covered by Lionel-A collector’s Guide and History V1 click on a photograph of the table of contents.  If you are a collector, fan or history buff, this book should be part of your collection.

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