Passenger Terminals and Trains is a classic study of railroad stations, large and small.   This book is invaluable for the railroad historian, the student of architecture and the transit planner (who might find the beauty in its pages worth replicating).  It examines every aspect of the design, construction, maintenance and utilization of railroad terminals.

In Passenger Terminals and Trains covers from the size of the waiting room to the demeanor of the redcaps, from the contest between A.C. and D.C. electrification to the menus on dining cars, no subject pertinent to the world of passenger terminals and trains in the year 1916 escaped the experienced eye of John A Droege, the author.  The author is well qualified for the task.  He worked for various railroads from 1880 through the time he published this book.  When he wrote this book, he had worked himself up to Superintend of the Providence Division of the New Haven railroad.

Kalmbach Publishing faithfully reproduced all 410 pages of the original edition of Droege’ s book in 1969.  Passenger Terminals and Trains was originally published in 1916, almost exactly when the railroad passenger service reached its peak and began it long decline.  The book includes 25 track diagrams, 31 station floor plans, 163 photos.  A detailed index makes finding information easy.

Chapters cover, among other topics, different types of stations (through, side, head, stub and small), waterfront terminals, the passenger terminals of New York City, terminals in foreign countries, terminal operation (including baggage handling, food service, and the role of the station master), and electrification.

Passenger Terminals and Trains, takes you back to 1916 to the glory days of railroad passenger service.  It is written by a person with vast experience as an employee of various railroad.  If you love history or just a railroad bluff, you will want to read this book and add it to your reference library.

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