The Railroaders – The Old West Time-Life Series starts by telling about the financing, politics and the building of the transcontinental railroads.  It continues by telling how the new connection changed the lives of Americans.  There are stories about the people who worked on the railroads at the top and on the track.  There are many pictures and posters that reflect the work and the mood of that era.  The book gives you a flavor of the culture of the railroads in the late 1800s.

The first chapter of The Railroaders – The Old West Time-Life Series talks about the amazing vision and the courage of the early railroad pioneers.   First for these pioneers being able to image the building of the railroad and then to follow through their visions.  The second chapter tells the stories about the railroad barons from the different railroads and how they directed and controlled their properties.  The third chapter give the reader an insite into what life was like to for the people who worked on building the railroads.

Chapter 4 of The Railroaders – The Old West Time-Life Series describes what it was like to ride the railroad from the Midwest to California in the late 1800s.  Chapter 5 is about the men working on the railroad.  They talk about the brotherhood that developed between the men who lay the tracks and ran the trains.  The final chapter talks about the conflicts that developed to build and ran the railroads.  It describes some of the conflicts between railroads, labor and management and the railroads and the landowners and native American tribes.

The Railroaders – The Old West Time-Life Series is a wonderfully written book about the railroad culture in the late 1800s.  It is filled with numerous photographs, lithographs and maps supporting and enhancing the narrative. The raised padded vinyl cover makes a wonderful gift for any railroad fan.  The book would be a wonderful addition to a railfan collection and be a conversation piece on any coffee table.

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