Steam Steel & Stars -N & W Railroad(Norfork & Western) is the story of America’s last steam railroad. The late years of steam railroading in America – 1955 to 1960 by the Norfolk and Western are powerfully documented in this book by American photographer O. Winston Link. The black and white photos taken at night capture the drama and energy of the great steam powered trains in action. The Norfolk and Western was the last major railroad to successfully use steam power. The steam powered engines were replaced with diesel engines in the 1950s.
In Steam Steel & Stars -N & W Railroad, Winston Link attempted to document the majestic power and articulated beauty of these massive steam locomotives. To this end he traveled between photographic assignments to the small towns in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina where the N & W operated. Looking at his book, you can see that he captured the impact and energy of these great trains.

Steam Steel & Stars -N & W Railroad presents the marvelous portraits of these steam engines, stationmasters, rural switchmen, train cleaners, and conductors. There are photographs of the small stations and roundhouses and the men who worked them. These photographs portray trackside American rural life and its drive-in-movies, main streets, swimming holes and farmhouse front porches. The project to accumulate the photographs by Mr. Link took 5 years.

Accompanying the photographs is text tracing the history of the N & W written by Tim Hensley. Tim Hensley was an engineer with the N & W. and graduated from Marshall University as a journalism major.

Steam Steel & Stars -N & W Railroad captures the spirit of the end of the steam era on the Norfolk and Western. There are 90 photographs in the book, all shot at night. The documentation by O. Winston Link and Tim Hensley of the America’s last Steam Railroad, should be in your library. The book also would make a great coffee table item.

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