The Little Engine That Could – 2005 is the 2005 unabridged edition. The book was written by Watty Piper and is as inspiring and engaging for young children as when it was first published in 1930. The illustrations in this unabridged version is new art by Loren Long. The illustrations are beautiful. Any child and some adults will enjoy this version of The Little Engine That Could – 2005. Millions of children have enjoyed the story about the little steam locomotive that pulls a train with circus clown and animals and treats for children over the mountains. After the clown and animals receive several rejections by different types of engines, the little engine saves the day. So, the children on the other side will not be disappointed. In addition to a great classic story, there moral lessons taught.

1. Do not be arrogant like the shiny New Engine and the Big Strong Engine and refuse to pull a train full of animals and food for children as opposed to a freight or passenger train which in more prestigious.
2. Do not be negative about your abilities as Rusty Old Engine. Who proclaims he is too tired and weary?
3. Be like the Little Blue Engine that proclaimed, “I think I can”. If you do not try, you have already failed. Have a positive attitude and try your best.

Pictures in The Little Engine That Could – 2005 unabridged edition make a memorable, enjoyable tool for teaching children about colors, objects, and numbers. For children new to the story, there is a bit of suspense over whether the train will make it over the mountain. But nothing in the least frightening. Kids familiar with the book will still enjoy it repeatedly.

The illustrations in this edition of the Little Engine That Could – 2005 by Loren Long are beautifully done. They follow the original style when it was first published in 1930. Any child and most adults will enjoy this unabridged version.

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