One Hundred Years of Enduring Tradition- South Shore Line – Dispatch 3 is a history of the South Shore Line. The interurban is the only surviving electric interurban serving the Chicago area. The book differs from other books about the South Shore line, because it covers the history of the railroad as told by the people who were involved since 1926. The book is filled with color and duotone photographs. Some of the photographs have not been published before this Dispatch was released.

One Hundred Years of Enduring Tradition- South Shore Line – Dispatch 3 is full of fascinating new information about the formation and operation of the South Shore Railroad. For example, when the railroad was conceived, it become the western part of series of interurban railroads stretching from Cleveland to Chicago. The traveler had to coordinate the schedules of various of lines to accomplish this trip. There is a discussion of why “Last Interurban” survived. After all, it went through three bankruptcies and several reorganizations under different ownerships during its life. Find out what part the freight service played in the survival of the South Shore Line.

The railroads last reincarnation is the result of a public-private partnership. There is a section on the future of the line with the with public support from the NICTD (Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District). Hopefully with the freight service under private ownership and the passenger service funded by the NICTD, the South Shore Line will survive another 100 years.

The Shore Line Interurban Historical Society that published this book is a non-profit organization that publishes a quarterly magazine and dispatches about urban, suburban and interurban passenger rail service in the Chicago Hub region. For more information on this organization or to join visit their website at

If you want to learn about the South Shore Line and the history of the railroads that helped Chicago and Northern Indiana grow, you will love this book One Hundred Years of Enduring Tradition- South Shore Line – Dispatch 3.

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