Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail is about the history and development of railroads around the world.  It is also an evocative guide to the world’s great railway journeys.  The book is a definitive history of locomotive technology from the great steam engines of the 1930s to the electric speed trains of the present day.

Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail is divided into five sections.  The first section deals with the birth of the railroad.  This first section looks at the development of the railway from its very beginnings up to the 1900 century.  The book looks at the technological changes during this period and the role they played on societies and industries around the world.  The second section deals with the Golden age of railroading from 1900-1950 when the railroad was the primary form of transport for moving people and freight.  The third section is about the current state of railroads from 1950 to the present.  This was the time when roads and airlines forced the closing of many railroads around the world.  But then the railroads became popular again due to the congestion of the roads and the cost of air travel.

The last two sections of Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail talk about 95 great railway journeys around the world departing from points and destinations such as Boston, Venice, Pretoria, the Khyber Pass, Darjeeling, Fuji, Sydney, Edinburgh and many, many more.  One section is about railroad journeys in the western hemisphere and one section is about railroad journeys in the eastern hemisphere.   Some of the railroad journeys are now part of history and can only be traveled through a book like this one.

Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail includes over 1500 pictures and 100 key designs of steam engines, diesel engines, light rail, interurbans and streetcars from all over the world.  The railroad book is written by world experts in the field and is intended to inspire the rail enthusiast and armchair traveler alike.

Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail is a wonderful reference for railroad journeys throughout the world.  The book is a must for anyone who enjoys railroads, history and pictures from around the world.

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