Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V2 covers the post-World War II production and history of the Lionel Corporation.  The book starts out with a history of Joshua Lionel Cowen and the development of his company.   The history starts on a second-story loft in New York City in 1900.  It follows the Lionel Corporation history through its purchase in 1975 by General Mills.

The book Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V2 is divided all the major areas of production of equipment by Lionel Corporation.  The book is filled with color and black and white pictures and explanations of the equipment produced after World War II.

The first part of Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V2 is divided by the different types of diesel engines such as F-3s, FM units, Alcos, GM switchers, etc.  There are pictures of the drive trains and trucks as well as the engines themselves.  The book discusses the year of manufacture and the changes made to the engines in those years.  The next divisions are the electrics such as the GG-1 and the steamer engines.  The powered units such as trolleys, work cranes, small switchers, etc. are next.  The sets of passenger trains, work trains, Army trains and freight trains are illustrated and discussed.

Each section of the Lionel – A Collector’s Guide and History V2 discusses the rating of the equipment in that section.  The rating included what is common or has a low value and what is rare which can command a greater price.  There is a whole section on Trucks, Couplers & Track what year they were introduced into the line.  In addition to pictures, the book explains the progression from all metal to metal and plastic us in the trucks and couplers.

To see what is covered by Lionel-A collector’s Guide and History V2 click on a photograph of the table of contents.  If you are a collector, fan or history buff, this book should be part of your collection.

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