How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork 1st Edition shows you how to build benchwork on a step by step basis. The author Linn H. Westcott worked for Model Railroader Magazine for 43 years.

The 1st chapter of “How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork” 1st edition walks you through the planning of layout design. The chapter covers the layout space and shape, the planning of the size of the aisle, control panel, observation points, visitor capacity, benchwork height and width and track plan. Mr. Westcott suggests you look for track planning advice and plans in a track planning book. Several track planning books are available on this website.

Chapter 2 of the book discusses lumber types and grades, dimensional lumber sizes and sheet materials available for the roadbed. The fasteners to put together the benchwork and the tools needed are also discussed in this chapter. Chapter 3 is about three way to frame your railroads three ways to support the track.

Chapter 4 of “How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork” 1st edition is a step by step explanation and illustration of how to construct legs, But-joint and L-girder benchwork and joists. Chapter 5 shows you how to level and assemble the benchwork. The book shows the reader the assembly construction process step by step. Then it walks the reader through leveling and grading of the roadbed construction on your model railroad. Chapter 6 discusses the risers, cleats and the final joist locations to make the bench framework solid. Chapter 7 is about support for special situations. Some special situations are a place to duck under, helical spirals, turntables, etc. Chapter 8 has illustrations and instructions on backdrops, fascia boards and scenic support. There is also a discussion about moving a layout. Chapter 9 give you information on roadbed construction. Chapter 10 is all about how to ballast your track and the materials needed.

The illustrations and explanations in “How to Build Model Railroad Benchwork” 1st edition take you step by step through the process of building benchwork. This book is a must for anyone building a model railroad.

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