Model Railroad Planning 2008, 10 Great New Track Plans, is a book published by Kalmbach Publishing Co. Kalmbach Publishing Co. publishes a new book on model railroad track planning every few years.  The Model Railroad Planning 2008 is series of articles to design track plans.  In addition to the track plans, there is practical information on designing and operating your model railroad.

The first article in the book is about how to build a freelanced model railroad called the Chicago, Illinois and Western.  It is an industrial railroad.  The second article is about building a 4×8 steel mill.  How do you fit a model railroad into a bedroom?  That is the subject matter of the next article with a suggested track plan.  There is an article on an industrial branch shelf layout.  How about a layout that models a railroad in Hawaii?  Several articles cover what can be learned from the famous John Allen’s original Gorre & Daphetid with track planning ideas.  How about modeling the Northern Pacific in Moscow, Idaho with its industries!  “How train length affects layout design” by Ton Koester explains the balance between performance, cost and appearance of you model railroad.

Other articles cover how design your layout to make it easy to uncouple cars, adding a team track and what a helix can do for your layout.  Maybe you want to build an interchange.  That is covered by an “Interchange at Foreston, IL.  The article shows you how to create a busy over and under crossing with a lot of model railroad operations.  Included is an article on building a layout with a European flavor.  Maybe a section layout works for you.  There is an article on “Why a sectional Layout is right for me”.

There are numerous other articles on tips and cautions on building a model railroad layout.  The illustrations and pictures are great.  If you are planning to build or improve your model railroad, this book is a great reference book.

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