Scenery for Model Railroaders – 9th printing is the book you need if you are a model railroader and searching for a to build realistic scenery. The book shows you how experts create scenery but is designed for beginners.

The first chapter of Scenery for Model Railroaders discusses why you want to scenic your model railroad layout. Chapter 2 gives you all the reasons you should plan your layout and the placement of scenery before you start building the layout. They talk about making sure scenery does not interfere with the maintenance of the railroad what make scenery look realistic.

Chapter 3 of Scenery for Model Railroaders is a short course in railroad geology. It covers the geology of different regions of the United States. Chapter 4 goes over materials and techniques of creating scenery. The chapter is full of illustrations and pictures. The author discusses where to put “lift out scenery” to gain better access to maintain the railroad layout. There is a chart of soil colors and rock and atone strata colors. Chapters 5 & 6 are written by Linn H. Westcott. Chapter 5 goes over the materials, tools and procedure to create hard-shell scenery. Chapter 6 is about zip texturing of the scenery. The materials and techniques are in this chapter.

Chapter 7 of Scenery for Model Railroaders shows you where to put the trees and shrubs for the different scenes. It goes over how to make the trees and shrubs and how to fasten them to the layout. Chapter 8 is could be titled how to make water and water scenes look realistic. Pictures and illustration help you with placement of embankments and bridges. Chapter 9 is all about the details that make a scene come alive. It includes railroad crossings, retaining walls, culverts, etc. The last chapter, 10, is about how to blend the background into the scene.

Scenery for Model Railroads covers topics from planning a scene and to how to make it look realistic on your model railroad. If you are building a model railroad this book will be help you make it better with realistic looking scenery. This book is a must for the beginning model railroaders.

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