Track Planning for Realistic Operations 3rd edition shows the model railroader how to plan his or her layout to operate like a real railroad. This book brings together the information you need to design your model railroad for the best in continuing operating enjoyment.

Track Planning for Realistic Operations 3rd edition discusses prototype railroad practice in 1998 for moving freight and passengers efficiently. The book provides the background for selecting operation and track arrangements you will want to represent your own model railroad. The later chapters outline the ways to translate your desires into various possible arrangements suitable for the space you have available. The techniques in this book can easily be adapted to N gauge. The 1rd edition, with 1963 prototype railroad practices, is also offered on this website.

The author, John Armstrong developed the “by the squares” method. This makes it easy to find and put on paper the best possible mainline arrangement. Included are some customized track plan examples for model railroaders. There are diagrams and schematics on how to plan a model railroad for realistic operation.

Track Planning for Realistic Operations 3rd edition has handy tables and charts that present the fundamental trackwork relationships. This is the basis for an easy and accurate track plan design. There are 8 track plans that can be modified to add to the enjoyment of running your model railroad like a full-size railroad operation.

Kalmbach Media, formerly Kalmbach Publishing Company, is an independent founded in 1932. The company publishes numerous “How to” books for model railroaders including a monthly publication “Model Railroader”. Please look at our webpage for other publications on model railroading and issues of model railroader.

Track Planning for Realistic Operations 3rd edition provides step-by-step design techniques and track planning tips to save model railroaders time, money, and headaches. This must-have book also covers aspects of prototype freight and passenger operations, route design, and contemporary railroading.

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