The History of Railroads in America follows the history of railroads in America. The book is organized chronologically. The book starts with George Stephenson’s’ Rocket and how it changed the landscape of transportation (Chapter 1) and goes through to the forming of the national passenger service Amtrak. There is a chapter on the railroad’s first war (the civil war) (Chapter 5). The History of Railroads in America explains how railroads were effected by the outcome of the civil war in words and historic pictures. Then came the race to Promontory (Chapter 4) and the building of the transcontinental railroad. The politics, construction difficulties and financial manipulation is outlined in this chapter.

In History of Railroads in America there are maps of the route and what part was the responsibility of the Union Pacific Railroad and the Central Pacific Railroad. Chapters 5, 6 and 7 talks about how the railroads helped to build the nation. What followed the building of the transcontinental railroad was a railroad construction boom. Little towns fought for a railroad right of away. New towns were created along the railroad right of way. With a railroad right of away your town was put on the map. The land speculation went viral. Fortunes were made and lost with the railroad stocks, financial and land speculation. Thousands of jobs were created to maintain, run and support the American railroads.

The History of Railroads in America follows the rise of passenger luxury service and the freight long haul business. The book is filled with pictures and the history of the American Railroads. The “Great Locomotive Chase” (made into a movie) and the romantic image of the railroad is illustrated in words and pictures. The book is well written and informative with pictures and maps.

The History of Railroads in America is a good book for a railroad buff’s collection.

The dustcover of The History of Railroads in America  is worn a little at the spine. Otherwise the book is in good condition.

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