The fascinating history of trains is told in two separate ways in the book Pictorial History of Trains. The color pages are a world tour of the world of trains with a short description of the trains and railroads of each country. The book contains dramatic color photographs of some of the beautiful railroad lines in the world.

The first part of Pictorial History of Trains is pictures of trains in color in the European countries of France, West Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The second part of the book is a chronicle of the birth and growth of railroads in the world. The development of steam, diesel and electric powered engines is covered int the book also. The period covered is from the early 19th century to the latest turbotrains. The pictures of early steam engines stimulate the imagination of what it was like to travel in the early days of railroading. The pictures of modern diesel, electric and turbotrain engines stimulates the reader to ride these wonderful railroads. The sections Pictorial History of Trains are broken down by birth and development (1830-1875), the Golden Age (1876-1914), Indian summer (1914-1945 and Railroads since 1945. Other country’s railroads covered by this book are India, Japan, Australia, South Africa, the United States and Canada. There is an extensive index at the end of the book. The book is full of detailed drawings of significant locomotives, as well as beautiful color photographs. The beautiful color photographs and the clear, concise history will bring lasting pleasure and interest to all railroad enthusiasts.

The Pictorial History of Trains brings the history of trains in words and color pictures and drawings from all over the world. The pictures in Pictorial History of Trains are stunning. You will enjoy the history of diesel, steam and electric in words and pictures and illustration written on the pages of this book.

This book is missing the dust jacket. The book is in very good condition.

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