Trains – Stories and Pictures is an interesting children’s book illustrated with large black and white photos.  The stories and pictures follow two real children, Jack and Betty, making the journey from Chicago to New York by themselves aboard the Broadway Limited.   The book was published in 1935 when steam locomotives ruled the rails.  But there are pictures of the early diesel trains like the Burlington Zephyr and the Union Pacific M-10000 streamliner.

Trains – Stories and Pictures illustrates through pictures and words the trip from Chicago to New York with black and white photographs.  There are pictures that show the interior and exterior of the cars, the dining car and waiters, the various maintenance of way cars they see along the way, and even some locomotives from the New York Central Railroad and other lines along their journey.  The stories in Trains – Stories and Pictures are about their journey answers Jack and Betty’s questions about the operations of the train and railroad.  They talk to redcaps, porters, maids, conductors, stewards, the chef and one of the secretaries of the railroad.  From talking to these employees of the railroad, they learn about how the railroad works and the functions each person performs.  They are introduced to school principal from England who tells them some of the history of railroading in the US. There are pictures of the John Stevens, the “Rocket”, John Bull and the “Pioneer” steam engines. After a good night’s sleep in their Pullman berths, they arrive in New York to be greeted by their mother.

Trains – Stories and Pictures allows the reader to experience what it was like to ride the Pennsylvania Railroad overnight Broadway Limited train from Chicago to New York City in 1935.  The black and white pictures and works bring alive the experience.  Your child will learn about how people traveled between major cities in 1935

The hardcovers  on Trains – Stories and Pictures are worn at the edges.

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