Terrific Trains – A Children’s Book is one of the many books that Dennis Shealy wrote for children. Very few people travel by train today. But, regardless, kids are fascinated by trains. It makes no difference if they are passenger trains or freight trains. Kids are fascinated by the types of cars that make up freight and passenger trains, such as specialized tank cars, cabooses, covered and uncovered hopper cars, auto carriers, domed passenger cars, etc.
Terrific Trains – A Children’s Book have examples of steam engines, passenger trains, freight trains, high-speed electrics and diesel engines, container freight operations and railroad structures. The book is full of facts about trains, railroads and how they operate.

For educators: “Terrific Trains – A Children’s Book covers the social studies concepts Transportation and Community, Workers and Helpers. This book can be used to expose students to informational text, as recommended in the CCSS for English Language Arts and Literacy. The concepts that this book reinforces can be the basis for a rich and thought-provoking discussion about books. … The concepts can be used as springboards for writing tasks or to teach unfamiliar vocabulary. …” The book brings all this information to life with a mixture of illustrations and photographs. The subject matter can be used to get some ideas across to the students.

Dennis R. Shealy is the author of many children’s books, including the popular Little Golden Books I’m a Truck, I’m a T. Rex!, My Little Golden Book About Dinosaurs, My Little Golden Book About the Solar System, I’m a Bulldozer, and The Noisy Garage. He lives in New York City with his wife and son.
Terrific Trains – A Children’s Book is a wealth of information on trains and railroading. It is easy to read and contains easy to understand concepts about trains and railroading. With this book your child will learn about trains.
This was a library book, but is in very good condition.
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