Tracks is a children’s story about trains with beautiful illustrations.  It is a wonderful book to read to a child with a surprise ending.

Bing, Bing, Bing! There’s a railroad line being built between Granville and Denton. But with nearsighted Albert and his crew laying the tracks, the passengers had better hang on to their seats.  After Albert breaks his glasses while supervising the laying of the railroad tracks between two towns and he becomes responsible for one of the most exciting rides that the townspeople have ever had.  Your child will enjoy the misadventures of Albert and his crew have as they lay track through ponds, fields grazing with cows, barns, hills and forests between Granville and Denton.  Then railroad starts its first run on the newly laid track.  The mayor, engineer and passengers from Granville are in for the ride of their lives.   The book is written with humor, empathy and the illustrations are super.  There is a surprise ending as to what the town does with the railroad.

David Galef is an American fiction writer.  Galef has published thirteen books. In addition, he has written over seventy short stories for magazines ranging from the British Punch to the Czech Prague Revue, the Canadian Prism International and the American Shenandoah.  Tracks is one of his earliest books in 1996

Tedd Arnold is an award-winning illustrator and author.   He has illustrated or authored and illustrated over 75 books.

Tracks is a wonderful story, with illustrations, that you can read to your child at bedtime or anytime.  At the same time as he or she is enjoying the book, they are learning about how railroads are built, and the equipment needed to run them,

This copy of Tracks looks new. The book and the dust cover are in excellent condition. But there is a label on the back of the front cover with the prior owner’s name.

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