The Lion Roars – Lionel Collectors Club October 2017 V47 #1 is the October 2017 magazine published by The Lionel Collectors Club of America (LCCA).  The LCCA publishes the magazine 5 times a year.  The LLCA is a club for Lionel model toy train collectors, train hobbyists and celebrity collectors.  The LCCA is a club made up of people who love Lionel Trains and American Flyer electric trains.  Both the Lionel and the American Flyer brands are manufactured by Lionel Corporation, LLC.

The Lion Roars – Lionel Collectors Club October 2017 is filled with articles about the history of Lionel trains, fixing Lionel trains, tips on modifying the train models and new products.  In addition, there is information about conventions and events that include Lionel trains, news about development of new products and the methods used and just fun articles about Lionel train layouts and people who collect Lionel and American Flyer toy trains.

The Lion Roars – Lionel Collectors Club October 2017 has an article about the production of Lionel trains in Concord, NC by Lionel Corporation LLC.  The “Tinplate Cannonball” section of the magazine covers the history of Lionel train production of the highspeed famous freight and passenger trains from tinplate to scale modeling.  The K325 American Flyer 4-6-4 steam engines is highlighted in this month’s issue with detail pictures and explanations of how it works and is constructed.  There is an article on the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Hiawatha highspeed passenger train.  The article follows the history of the Hiawatha passenger trains and the development of Lionel models of this famous train.  There is an article about the latest Bluetooth technology and how it can run Lionel engines.   An article illustrates how to repair an American Flyer whistling billboard.   The equipment article is about the LionScale 50-foot boxcars and the various road names.

To see all the articles listed in this month’s issue, go to the table of contents image for this book on the website.

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