The Model Railroader 2017 June Volume 84 Number 6 Issue is a magazine published by Kalmbach Publishing Co. twelve times each year. All the monthly Model Railroader Magazines have dedicated articles specifically geared to model railroaders. The subject matter of the articles include scenery, track work, electronics and electrical hookups, detailing steam and diesel engines, detailing and building passenger cars and freight cars, building a layout and the review of various products to operate on your model railroad. Also reviewed are products that the modeler can use to build and operate the model railroad. The magazine covers O gauge, S gauge, HO gauge N gauge and Z gauge projects and layouts. Every issue features a layout with pictures, track plan and an explanation of the layout and something about the builder. There is a section for comments from readers and a section where the model railroader staff answers questions from readers. There are numerous advertisements that highlight new products and existing products. At the end of the magazine are lists of dealers throughout the US and Canada and various individuals and business buying and selling equipment and other related railroad products. It is the ideal magazine for the scale model railroaders.
This Model Railroader 2017 June issue has articles on Using multiple techniques to build a cement plant, Coal and steel for Rod Stewart’s masterpiece layout and Model a modern log-grasping lift and may more articles. The article on Step by Step shows how to build a cement mixer from 3-D parts. In this issue there are articles about HO and N gauge layouts. DCC Corner is keeping short circuits at bay. For a complete look of what is in this issue, look at the photo of the table of contents page.
The information in this issue of model railroader 2017 June issue is enormous. If you are thinking or planning a model railroad layout, you want this issue for ideas.

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