The Lionel Catalog 2017 Ready to Run is a presentation of all the O gauge products ready to run offered by Lionel Corporation LLC for 2017. The catalog explains what O gauge is and the specifications for that model railroad scale. There is also a list of definitions of the terms gauges, ready-to-play, O-gauge and recommended minimum curve. LionChief, LionChief PLUS, and LionChief Bluetooth are the used to describe the functions for different pieces of Lionel equipment. There is a paragraph on how to increase your model railroad empire.

The Lionel Mega Track for race cars is also illustrated in this Lionel Catalog 2017 Ready to Run and the available equipment and track for this toy.  The Ready to Play trains are battery operated with plastic tracks. Some of the train sets in this area have themes like Mickey Mouse and John Deere.
The LionChief sets include a remote controller that works using Bluetooth. The theme sets in this section include Disney railroad, Harry Potter, Thomas the Tank and Polar Express. There are also traditional freight trains and passenger trains sets.

The next section of Lionel Catalog 2017 Ready to Run deals with the steam and diesel engines and electric engines. Presented are also box cars with themes like political parties, super heroes Coca Cola, Disney and may more. Also presented is traditional tank cars, gondola cars, flat cars, hopper cars, container cars and cabooses with traditional railroad names. In Lionel Catalog 2017 Ready to Run there are also box cars representing different celebrations (birthday, new baby anniversary, etc.), professions. You can even get a box car personalized with your own picture on it. The accessories include stations, billboards various other buildings, people, wheels, tunnels, bridges rails and switches, smoke and transformers. There is a coaling station that drops a load of coal into your hopper car.

You will love leafing through the Lionel Catalog 2017 Ready to Run looking at the color pictures and imagining what your model railroad will look.

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