Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition is a presentation of O gauge products produced to scale and offered by Lionel Corporation LLC at the end of 2017. The catalog starts with a guide to Lionel standards for Operations, Sound & Smoke and Illumination. There is a list of definition of the terms gauges, scale, minimum curve, Traditional vs. O-gauge and recommended minimum curve. The Lionel “Built to Order” engines are Lionel’s high end super detailed steam and diesel engines that are made to be collectible. They also feature the Legacy system.
Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition includes Legacy Steam locomotives that come with various road names such as Baltimore and Ohio, New York Central, Southern and Union Pacific. There is a new shay that comes with three road names. There are Legacy Diesels SD40 models have road name like CSX, Santa Fe, Pennsylvania, Southern, Western Maryland and Union Pacific. There are also passenger sets.
Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition presents freight cars and specialized freight cars. There are pictures of 65’ Mill Gondolas, 40’ steel reefers, grain door boxcars, and 60’ boxcars. Also presented are 57’ mechanical reefers, PS-1 boxcar, rotary gondola cars with loads, 40’ Trailer and lumber flat cars, logging cars,2 bay and panel and covered hopper cars and cabooses.
The next part of the Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition presents LionChief Plus equipped engines. The first group are Berkshire, Camelback, Pacific, Hudson and Mikado steam locomotives. The second group are electric rectifier, GP7, GP20, GP38, FA, FT and Alco diesel engines.
Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition has accessories available to add to your layout such as buildings and structures, bridges, stations, billboards various other buildings, people, wheels, tunnels, rails. switches, smoke liquid and transformers. There is a coaling station that drops a load of coal into your hopper car. There are many other operating accessories.
You will love leafing through the Lionel Catalog 2017 Signature Edition looking at the color pictures and imagining how your model railroad will look.

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