The Lionel Catalog 2018 – O Gauge is a presentation of all the O gauge, S gauge and HO gauge products ready to run offered by Lionel Corporation LLC for 2018. The catalog explains what the new Visionline water – scoop spray effect is on the Ultimate Steam locomotive. The O gauge Niagara Model has pop-off smoke, the Legacy control system and many other features.
There is also a list of definitions of the terms Legacy Control System, Odyssey II speed control, ElectroCouplers, wireless tether connection, Railsounds and Bluetooth, which are features on the new O gauge Lionel Legacy locomotives. The engines equipped with these features include Pennsylvania H-10, USRA Pacific, and 2-6-6-2s steam engines and SW7, SD45, U33C and GP9 diesel engines.
The next section of the Lionel Catalog 2018 – O Gauge includes O gauge cylindrical covered hopper cars, GLA Hopper cars, Autoracks cars, 30K tank cars with freight sounds, 30T tank cars with EOT, cabooses, box cars passenger cars and passenger sets with various names and themes.
The next section of the Lionel Catalog 2018 – O Gauge presents the LionScale locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars and complete sets. The equipment present comes with various road names. The LionChief sets include a remote controller that works using Bluetooth. There are freight sets, work train sets and passenger sets. This section also includes sets with various themes. The theme sets in this section include Disney railroad, Harry Potter, Thomas the Tank and Polar Express. There are also traditional freight trains and passenger trains sets. The accessories in the Lionel Catalog 2018 include stations, billboards various other buildings, people, wheels, tunnels, bridges rails and switches, smoke and transformers.
The Lionel Catalog 2018 – O Gauge also includes American Flyer S gauge and their new HO gauge equipment and sets. Now you can get the Polar express engine, passenger cars and accessories in all three gauges.
You will love leafing through the Lionel Catalog 2018 looking at the color pictures and imagining what your model railroad will look.

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