The American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog is a presentation of all the S gauge products offered by Lionel Corporation LLC. The American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog starts with an introduction to S-Gauge railroading. It defines what gauge is and what S-gauge scale 1:64 means. There is a definition of what is traditional vs. scale model railroading. Then the  American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog talks about the minimum curves that are required for S-gauge.

There is an illustration of S-gauge track systems in the American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog . The catalog then goes into a list of definitions of the terms and features that are available from American Flyer trains. The terms defined are Flyerchief, Transformer control, Legacy control system, AF speed control, DCC enabled, Electrocoupler, Wireless Tether connection, Traction tires, Rail sounds systems, Directional Lighting, Glowing firebox and flickering firebox, Variable ashpan glow and Smoke. The diesel and steam engines are next in the catalog.

Then the American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog presents the traditional train sets that include a locomotive, freight cars, caboose track, power pack and remote. There are wood sided reefers, auto carriers, maintenance cars, flatcars, hoppers, boxcars, tank cars, operating freight cars, box cars with sound, US Army freight cars and cabooses. There is even a US Mint car. The American Flyer stream liner train sets are beautiful. They include road names such as the Delaware & Hudson and the Southern Pacific.

The American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog includes pictures and descriptions of accessories such as stations, billboards, water tower, oil tank, floodlight tower, various other buildings, people, wheels sets and transformers. There is a Polar Express passenger train set with lots of extras. Some of the box cars come with Christmas greetings. American Flyer track and switches are Fastrack, which snap together for easy assembly and storage. There are also expansion packs to add-on to the track in the train sets and plans to increase your railroad empire.

You will love leafing through the American Flyer S-Gauge 2017 Catalog looking at the color pictures and imagining what your model railroad will look like.

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