The Lionel Catalog 2016 V-2 O Gauge is a presentation of all the O gauge products offered for the second half of 2016 by Lionel Corporation LLC.  The Lionel catalog 2016 V-2 O Gauge offers a definition of O gauge and the specifications for that model railroad scale.  There is also a list of definitions of the terms gauge, scale, traditional vs. O-gauge and recommended minimum curve.  The Lionel guide explains and describes the equipment features.  The explanations and descriptions are divided into three sections, operation, sound smoke and illumination.  The next section in the Lionel Catalog 2016 Volume 2 O Gauge Legacy locomotives starts with a cut away illustration of steam and diesel engines and their features. There are beautiful pictures of steam locomotives with various road names such as Grand Truck, Central Vermont< Norfolk and Western, Pennsylvania, and Lackawanna.  The diesel locomotive road names include Great Northern, Southern Pacific, Southern, Penn Central, Spokane, Portland and Seattle and Canadian National.  Lionscale is Lionel’s collection of O gauge rolling stock of O gauge operators and collectors.  The freight cars available are modern, 50″ double door, grain PS-1 double sheath, 96′ hi-cube, 60′ and express boxcars.  The types of hoppers available are twin bay, 3-bay offset, 3-bay 9 panel and covered hoppers.  The various gondola cars are gondola cars, gondola cars with flat cars and rotary gondolas.  To round out the freight cars are tank cars, cabooses, crane cars, legacy boom cars, and boxcars with sound.  The freight cars come with various class 1 road names.  The passenger cars come with road names like New York Central, Pennsylvania, Amtrak, Southern Pacific and many more.

The Lionchief is Lionel’s more traditional line.  There steam and diesel locomotives with various road names. The Lionel catalog 2016 volume 2 has Mikado, Pacific, Hudson and switch steam engines.  The diesels models are GFP7, GP38, GP20, FT A & B units, & NW2.

The accessories include stations, various other buildings, tunnels, cranes, and bridges.

You will love leafing through the catalog looking at the color pictures and imagining what your model railroad will look.

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