The Lionel Catalog 2017 Christmas presents all the Christmas theme products that Lionel Corporation LLC offered in 2017. There are Lionel train sets, individual freight and passenger cars, ornaments, decorations, globes, calendars, full size figures, Christmas cards, stockings teddy bears, bar stools, clocks, neon signs framed pictures, wall hangings, mugs, glasses, coaster sets, shirts, hats, pocket watches, cuff links, book marks, money clips and lapel pins and all have the Lionel logo and or a Christmas theme imprinted on them.

The Lionel Catalog 2017 Christmas features complete electric train sets.  There is the Polar Express passenger train and Mickeys “Holiday to Remember” Disney Christmas set with freight cars and a caboose and an old time 4-2-2 steam locomotive.  There are additional Disney/Christmas Themed freight cars and structures.  There is a LionChief Polar Express set also offered.  The LionChief Lionel product features wireless operation along with other remote sounds.  Additional Polar Express passenger cars, freight cars, people, animals and structures are available.  There is a LionChief Santa’s Helper train set.  Thomas & Friends Lionel O gauge sets and cars are also available for Christmas.  How about a “Merry Christmas” box car that you can put a family picture on.  There are many more hopper cars, flatcars, box cars, tank cars and cabooses with the holiday theme on them.  Some of the holiday theme cars and structures are operational like the sawmill and the milk car.

The catalog is full of Christmas ornaments from “The Polar Express”. There are Lionel diesel engines, steam engines, passenger trains, and freight train ornaments. There are full size conductors and engineers, teddy bears, tee shirts, hats, watches, bar stools, towels with Lionel products imprinted on them, lighted signs and many more items.

If you love Lionel trains, you can find a present for anyone on your list.  You will enjoy looking through this catalog and imaging these items on your tree or in your house for Christmas.


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