An American Journey by Rail is a railroad book about traveling by railroad throughout America. The photographer Dudley Witney’s railroad pictures along the railroad right of ways are stunning, especially the color ones. There are 110 color pictures that capture the fascination, beauty and strength of America’s railroads. An American Journey by Rail covers thousands of miles coast to coast, border to border in one of the world’s largest countries. The great distances in America have shaped the history and contemporary behavior of the country. The major developments and improvements of the American railroads happened in the 19th century and early 20th century. Even though the narrative of the journey takes place in the present, An American Journey by Rail the history of the railroads in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries can be seen everywhere the author travels. The railroad routes that the author travels, are the original historic routes of the major railroads. Starting with Penn Central Station in NY, he travels to the resorts of Miami and the deep South. Starting at Union Station in Chicago, he travels west to the far Pacific coast. An American Journey by Rail records his exploits on the miles of rail between the locations he visits. Though this book you can relive the heyday of rail travel. The author travels in a historic luxury Pullman car that carried wealthy vacationers to parks and palaces on the Empire Builder. Timothy Jacobson’s narrative and Dudley Witney’s pictures are a railroad travel log in words and pictures of the history of the railroads and how they were interwoven with the surrounding areas they passed through. The book is well written and a wonderful book for the railroad fan and non-railroad fan to own.

The dust cover has some small wrinkles on the top and bottom.

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