Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio CERA Bulletin #108 is about the electric railways that populated the “upper-right-hand” corner of the state of Ohio. The book includes information on Cleveland’s transit system from the horse car through the cable car, trolley car, the Peter Witt car, through the ultimate streetcar, the PCC car. The book includes all the branches along Lake Erie into Pennsylvania, from Cleveland south and east to Akron, Canton, Youngstown and New Castle, PA. And the branches that went southeast to the border where Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia meet.

Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio CERA Bulletin #108 contains over 400 illustrations and photographs. They include pictures of electric rail cars, maps, right of ways and structures on the right of way. Also, included in the book, are six full color plans of cars and replicas of transfers, tickets, and timetables. The most fascinating bits of electric railway history are the way the interurban railways of Northeastern Ohio crisscrossed the countryside. They linked up barely populated places in northeastern Ohio. Unfortunately, the development of the automobile and roads resulted in the demise of the system of interurbans.

The publisher of Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio CERA Bulletin #108 is the Central Electric Railfan’s Association (CERA) was formed 1938. The CERA encourages the study of the history, equipment, and operations of urban, suburban, interurban and main line electric railways. This book is published by the organization. A number of those publications are available on this site. Meetings are also held monthly by the organization in Chicago, IL. More information about the CERA is available at George Krambles, the author and contributor to many other electric interurban books, was part of the staff that put together this book for the CERA.

Historians, rail enthusiasts and the general public alike, will delight in the pictures and information in Electric Railways of Northeastern Ohio CERA Bulletin #108.

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