The Lake Line – CERA Bulletin 144 is about Grand Rapids, Grand Haven & Muskegon Railway. The book goes back in time to experience living in the electric interurban and streetcar era between 1900 and 1928.
The Lake Line – CERA Bulletin 144 interurban did more than just carry passengers and express freight between Grand Rapids, Grand Haven and Muskegon and points in between. The interurban also competed with steam railroads for passengers and packages bound to and from Chicago. Tourists were able to ride the Lake Line to such resorts as the Pomona Pavilion and picnic grounds on Spring Lake as well as to the sandy beaches on Lake Michigan.
The Lake Line – CERA Bulletin 144 contains 180 photographs, 27 maps, 7 timetables, 27 advertisements and 17 other illustrations while reading about the construction of the line. The interurban ran via third rail power in the countryside and by overhead trolley power on city streetcar lines. Experience the political battle to enter Grand Haven, and the battle with steam railroads and interurban railways for west Michigan and Chicago business. Witness the accidents that occurred during the 26 years that the interurban cars rode 24 million miles on the rails and how the line fought floods, ice, snow and sink holes. Read about the technologies the company used in powering and operating cars on the line. The book explains the role that politics, automobiles, buses and trucks played in bringing about the demise of the Lake Line interurban railway.
The publisher of The Lake Line – CERA Bulletin 144 is the Central Electric Railfan’s Association (CERA) was formed 1938. The CERA encourages the study of the history, equipment, and operations of urban, suburban, interurban and main line electric railways. This book is published by the organization. A number of those publications are available on this site. Meetings are also held monthly by the organization in Chicago, IL. More information about the CERA is available at
The authors of the The Lake Line – CERA Bulletin 144 have written a book that makes the interurban era come alive not only for those interested in the history of Michigan, but also for

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