Transit in the Triangle V1 – Pittsburgh Public Transit CERA Bulletin #145 is about a century of history of the Pittsburgh Public Transit. This volume of the book series describes the incredible scope of operations of the Pittsburgh Railways Company between 1900-1964. At its peak, Pittsburgh Railways operated 606 miles of trackage (1918) and over 68 streetcar routes. Pittsburgh Railways was the first transit operator in North America to place a PCC car in revenue service in August 1936. Over a period of several years, Pittsburgh Railways acquired 666 PCC streetcars, giving it the third largest PCC car fleet in North America. Streetcars operated in both urban settings and on two interurban lines to Washington, PA and Charleroi, PA.

The book has a chapter called Prologue to the 20th Century that outlines the early rail transportation that includes horsepower and cable cars and inclined plane rail systems. The inclined plane systems allowed people and materials to get up the hills of Pittsburgh. The success of the inclined plane systems in the district, resulted in 13 different passenger inclines.

The publisher of Transit in the Triangle V1 – Pittsburgh Public Transit CERA Bulletin #145 is the Central Electric Railfan’s Association (CERA) was formed 1938. The CERA encourages the study of the history, equipment, and operations of urban, suburban, interurban, and main line electric railways. This book is published by the organization. A number of those publications are available on this site. Meetings are also held monthly by the organization in Chicago, IL. More information about the CERA is available at

Transit in the Triangle V1 – Pittsburgh Public Transit CERA Bulletin #145 is 224 pages long. There are more than 350 photos, many in full color. There are maps of the Pittsburgh Railway system trackage and the feeder bus system. The book has a list the extensive roster and pictures of the streetcars, early buses, and maintenance equipment. As a bonus the book includes various Pittsburgh Public Transit policy releases, informational and ridership advertisements. If you are a fan of the Pittsburgh area transit, a streetcar fan or a railfan, you will want to add this book to your collection.

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